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This article contains details from the recent Renegades books.

It was believed that the charm could protect a person from poisoning, illness, and "any threats that would sap the physical strength of otherwise weaken the prodigious abilities of the wearer," according to its description in the database.

Adrian , in Book 2: Archenemies, Pg. 218

The Vitality Charm is a prodigy item forged by a prodigy blacksmith with healing abilities as the charm could ward off plague though the blacksmith was soon killed for witchcraft. In the 1700s, it was stolen by a superstitious and paranoid prince who claimed it protected him from poison attempts. The charm was passed down through generations of rich barons and duchesses and then sold to pay off debt. It was eventually donated to a small museum before being given to the Renegades after the Day of Triumph.

Adrian borrowed the medallion from The Vault after assuming it might protect him against Max's absorption powers. After testing it, Adrian found out that the charm did protect Adrian from Max's power as he was then enabled to touch Max for the first time. Adrian tattooed the medallion's symbol over his chest for further protection. Adrian then gave it to his father, Simon Westwood, so he could be with Max as well. Nova later stole the charm to protect herself against Agent N when infiltrating the Renegades Headquarters.


Physical Attributes

It was a large round pendant which swung from a chain. The pendant has a "rudimentary symbol impressed into what might have been iron, showing an open palm with a serpent curled up inside it."


  • Protects against poisoning[1]
  • Protects against illness
  • Protects against disease
  • Protects against Max Everhart's absorption powers
  • Protects against Agent N


  • Paranoid Prince used it to protect himself from poison attempts (Before Renegades)
  • Adrian used it to touch Max (Archenemies)
  • Simon Westwood used it to touch Max (Archenemies)
  • Nova used it to protect herself against Agent N & Max (Archenemies)
  • Adrian tattooed the symbol of the charm over his chest (Archenemies - present day)