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Kasumi Hasegawa, known as Tsunami, is one of the original Renegade Council members. She has the ability to manipulate water and aquatic creatures.

Recent Events


Tsunami is in the Renegade Parade when the Anarchists attack the Council in an attempt to assassinate Captain Chromium. She is later shown to be trying to stop Winston's victims without hurting them, though her efforts are in vain. Afterwards she is shown accompanying a patrol team to escort the Puppeteer to a prison block in the Renegades Headquarters.

Kasumi is present when the Cloven Cross Library burns, and she uses her abilities to stop the fire, though not without drenching several other Renegades - had she not halted the fire, however, Adrian would have possibly been in a lot more danger. After Gene Cronin's death, Tsunami meets Adrian's team in the Council Hall with the rest of the original Renegades, and following a discussion regarding the fire, she proposes that they should return Sketch's team back to their typical patrol duties, though Adrian protests.

Tsunami shows up at Cosmopolis Park when the Detonator is detected to be there, and to everyone's dismay, Ingrid causes at least thirty-six casualties before being killed by Nova Artino (who, ironically, is Ingrid's former ally and goes under the alter identity Nightmare.) The media then proceeds to question the Renegade's incompetence, much to the Council's dismay.


When the Sentinel falls into the water in an attempt to chase down the criminal Hawthorn, Kasumi uses her ability to manipulate water to comb the bottom of the river and see if the Sentinel (who, in reality, is Adrian) can be found. Though Tsunami searches several areas of the water, she finds nothing. Following a rather flirty conversation between Oscar and Ruby in particular, she and Smokescreen debrief the cleanup crew, though Adrian notices that Kasumi doesn't entirely approve of the "teasing."

During the announcement of Agent N, Hugh Everhart invites Tsunami to continue the presentation and introduce Dr. Joanna Hogan, and Nova notices that Kasumi Hasegawa is not comfortable talking in front of large crowds, due to her cheeks flushing and the fact that she uses index cards. When Winston Pratt takes control of some of the Renegades a few moments prior to his neutralization, he forces Magpie to use a hatchet and attempt to assassinate Tsunami, though Monarch intervenes at the last moment, saving her life.

Tsunami is later shown with her unnamed spouse at the gala, and her husband is described as "portly" compared to her petite frame, which for some reason irritates Nova.


Following the unexpected neutralization of Frostbite, Aftershock, and Gargoyle, Tsunami is present at the speech where the Council addresses their fellow Renegades, although "the ever-present serenity, was, for once, gone from Tsunami's face, replaced with a taut brow and tense lips," as described by Nova. After Nova's arrest, Tsunami is among the cleanup crew, though she looks dismayed by the lack of findings.

After Blacklight is killed by Ace Anarchy, Kasumi is enraged to the point that she attacks Ace directly, though her wave is blocked, and she is crushed beneath a platform manipulated by the telekinetic. Later, she is revealed to be barely alive when Adrian finds her unconscious body. She is handed off to the healers for medical treatment.

During the Renegade Parade in the epilogue, Kasumi is once more shown on one of the Council's pedestals.


Physical Attributes

According to Nova, Tsunami always looks "caught up in her own world, a cool, secretive smile on her lips." Part of her superhero costume is a billowy, royal blue skirt, and presumably white gloves and white boots.

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Powers & Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: Kasumi can create water from thin air and manipulate it. She can direct water as jets and tidal waves. 
    • Aquatic Creature Manipulation: Kasumi has the ability to create and manipulate aquatic creatures as shown during the Renegade Parade when she created and manipulated a stream of water containing angelfish. 

Weapons & Equipment




  • Superhero Suit: The councilors each have their own unique superhero suit. Kasumi's is described as a "billowy royal blue skirt" that matches her ability to manipulate water.



Kasumi, like with all Renegades, acts serene and collected around Nova, showing no particular interest or disliking.


Like the rest of the Council, save for Tamaya Rae, Tsunami likes him particularly and often listens to his suggestions more than that of regular Renegades, probably due to his relationship with Captain Chromium and the Dread Warden. Adrian also cares for her, as shown when he pleads in hope that she survives being crushed by a platform when Ace Anarchy escapes his shackles.

Unnamed spouse

Though Kasumi's husband is barely mentioned, Nova describes their relationship as "he was about the opposite of the mate of a great superhero as she could have imagined, but there was no mistaking the doting glimspes between them."


  • In Japanese, the name "Kasumi" means "mist", which is suiting for Kasumi's ability to manipulate water, and the last name "Hasegawa" means "long river"
  • The alias "Tsunami" also suits Kasumi given that the term "tsunami" originates from Japan, and Kasumi is Japanese