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Oscar Silva[1], known as Smokescreen, is a Renegade who can summon and manipulate smoke.

Recent Events


Oscar died in a fire when he was five years old.

His mother was down in the basement of their apartment building doing laundry when their neighbor fell asleep, and her cat knocked over a candle she had left burning. The whole place erupted in flames as Oscar was in his bedroom when he heard people screaming. He saw the smoke, but was too petrified to move. By the time he had the courage to try and get out of the apartment, the fire was coming up the stairs. Not knowing what to do, Oscar stood frozen in the hallway and watched the smoke until it was too thick for him to see and he couldn't breathe. That's how the Renegades found him.

Tsunami put out the fire and handed Oscar off to Thunderbird, who flew him over to the hospital, though Oscar didn't have a pulse. While they mourned his death, Oscar dreamt that he was standing on the top of his apartment building and breathing smoke into his lungs. Once he stopped breathing in and exhaled, Oscar woke up.

It had been ten minutes since Oscar was brought to the hospital - long enough to legally consider him dead, though when Oscar exhaled, smoke came out of his mouth.


Oscar first appeared when he fought Nightmare, along with Monarch and Red Assassin at the Renegade Parade. He is later seen with Ruby at the Renegade Headquarters with an unconscious Danna, after she was burned by the Sentinel. Oscar attends the Renegade Trials with the Ruby & Adrian.






Physical Attributes

Oscar has light brown skin and thick, dark hair. Due to his being born with a bone disease, he has to use a cane to walk.[1]


Oscar enjoys showing off his powers as a way of flirting. Nova mentioned that he was quite insecure, thus hiding behind a mask of confidence and humor.

Description via Marissa Meyer[2]

"As Smokescreen, Oscar has been known to take down enemies of extreme strength. His ability to create smoke out of thin air makes him a master of the sneak attack and a force to be reckoned with. But when Oscar is off duty, he’s just a normal teenage guy–showing off his powers, constantly eating, and poking fun at his teammates. Oscar was born with a bone disease, walks with a cane, and is a total flirt. But the flirting is mostly for show–he only has eyes for Ruby."

Abilities & Skills

  • Smoke & Vapor Control: Oscar possesses the ability to create smoke and control it.[1] He can use it to blind his enemies and cloak him and his allies in smoke for a sneak attack.



  • Cane: Due to a bone disease, Oscar must walk with a cane, but that cane is used for more than walking. In Archenemies, Oscar uses his cane to hit a criminal who was holding someone hostage.

Other Equipment



Ruby Tucker

Oscar & Ruby have a close relationship. Oscar has a crush on Ruby, but whenever he tries to take her out on a date, Ruby always thinks that it is for the Renegades or asks Danna to come along. In Archenemies, he asks Nova how she and Adrian got together and asks how he can get Ruby to like him. Nova responds by telling him that he was a "catch" and anyone would be lucky to have him. In Supernova, after Ruby loses her power, Oscar confesses his love for her. Ruby and Oscar begin to commence their relationship.


  • Oscar believes his bone disease was the best thing that happened to him because if he had escaped the apartment, he wouldn't have become a prodigy.