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Rejected by society for being prodigies. Rejected by the Renegades for not fitting their perfect heroic standards. But together—we are more than just outcasts. We are powerful, and we will tolerate this abuse no more!

Narcissa is the granddaughter of Gene Cronin.

Recent Events


Sketch's team tracked her and her grandfather down and he was eventually murdered, though she fled through a mirror.


She blackmailed Nova into giving her Ace's helmet, although it was switched with a fake one. She invaded the Anarchists lair and was caught by them, revealing that she was with the Rejects. She then fled through a mirror and freed Monarch.

After Nova was arrested, she looked through the mirror on Honey's vanity and was seen by Adrian. Narcissa was in the mirror in Cragmoor Penitentiary looking at Nova when she was brushing her teeth. Before Nova got taken away, Narcissa shushed her.

She later dressed up as Nightmare to get Nova out of jail. Nova was then brought to a safe house where she met other gangs who were pushed to the side though Narcissa was with them and filled her in.

Narcissa went into Adrian's home and took all three volumes of Rebel Z.

Narcissa and Nova were seen discussing their plans to get something from the vaults when they started reading Rebel Z and found out Adrian created Phobia. After the Anarchists got Ace, she was there when they got to Dave's Pawnshop. Narcissa helped Monarch & Smokescreen out of their bounds, then leaving with the Rejects.


Physical Attributes

Narcissa has ginger hair, gray eyes, and long lashes.



Abilities & Skills

  • Mirror Traveling: She can travel to different locations via mirrors.

Weapons & Other Equipment



Other Equipment