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This article contains details from the recent Renegades books.

Do you think I might be evil? Or . . . that I have some evil powers in me?

Max Everhart is an honorary member of Sketch's team.


Max was born with a very powerful ability which caused him to grow up in a quarantine. His parents threw him into a river at just two weeks old. However, in a stroke of luck, Captain Chromium happened to spot him and saved Max from imminent death. Being invincible, Max’s abilities didn’t work on him, so he took him back to Renegade Headquarters.

Max grew up in a homely quarantine, where he wasn’t able to harm any other prodigies. When he met Adrian Everhart, he began creating a scale model of the city in his home, using Adrian’s unique sketching abilities to make the buildings.

Recent Events


Max lives in quarantine by himself without any contact besides his father, Captain Chromium, and scientists who draw blood from him while wearing hazmat suits. Adrian treats him like a brother and spends his time making glass structures of the city through the quarantine walls for Max. While Max was practicing his telekinesis ability, which he took from Ace Anarchy, Nova was watching him - which startled him - and caused him to fall on top of a pointed building, injuring his arm. Nova rushes into the quarantine unaware of Max's ability. Adrian, upon hearing Max, rushes to save Nova from him. After the incident, Max took some of Nova's power making him sleep less. He also took a portion of Adrian's ability, but the ability is too weak for Max to actually use efficiently. Adrian made a dinosaur named Turbo for Max to prove he hadn't lost his ability. Max also discovered Adrian's being the Sentinel after he rescued Nova.


Max is trying to steal the helmet back from Nightmare/Nova, and during the fight, he ends up being stabbed by Frostbite when she was trying to hit Nova. To save him, Nova forces Frostbite to give up her powers to Max so that he can stanch the bleeding. Adrian sees Nightmare leaning over Max and assumes that she is trying to kill him. Adrian takes Max to the hospital where they get him a non-prodigy healer to help him.


Max is first mentioned when Sketch's team is surveying the damage done to Renegade Headquarters. Ruby comforts Adrian by saying that Max is a strong kid and that he'll be fine. He is later seen in the hospital by Adrian, who has been sneaking in to visit him. Adrian says that even though he was already small, he looks even smaller in the hospital bed. When he wakes up from his coma, Max tells Adrian that Nightmare didn't try to kill him, but instead was trying to save him.


Physical Attributes

Max has curly, sand-blond hair and thick brows. He is ten years old, though is very small for his age.


Max is a quiet boy who is lonely due to being confined in a quarantine. He's also quite serious for his age and exceedingly intelligent. 

Description via Marissa Meyer[1]

"Max looks like a normal kid, but really he is anything but. His powers are officially listed as classified, but whatever they are, they are strong enough to have kept him in quarantine his whole life. Some say he’s dangerous. Others say he’s valuable. Either way, he is an honorary member of Adrian’s Renegade squad."

Abilities & Skills

  • Power Absorption: Max possesses the ability to slowly take powers from prodigies near him. If he were to stay near a prodigy for very long, he would completely absorb their ability and leave the other powerless. During Supernova, Max looses his Absorption and all the abilities he stole along with it.
    • Metal Manipulation & Melding: Taken from his parents, Max can use bio-fusion to mix any two elements he wishes, including living organisms. He can mix carbon and compressed air pressure in space to create diamonds or mix two animals to create a beast-like creature. His Metal Manipulation allows him to shape and levitate any creation he melds.
    • Artwork Genesis: Max got this ability from Adrian Everhart. He can animate anything he draws and can make his drawing come off the paper, although his powers aren't nearly as strong as Adrian's.
    • Telekinesis: His ability to move objects was taken from Ace Anarchy.
    • Invisibility: From Simon Westwood, Max is able to turn invisible.
    • Insomnia: Max received mild insomnia from Nova Artino while she was in his quarantine. In a deleted scene in Archenemies (Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition), he put Adrian to sleep briefly.
    • Ice Control: In Archenemies, Max inherits all of Genissa Clark's ability of ice control. 
    • Tranquilization: In Supernova, Max took some of Nova's tranquilization power (from when she was in the quarantine in Renegades) as Adrian & Max escape the hospital, Max accidentally puts a nurse to sleep. 



Other Equipment

  • Glass minifigures: TBA


Hugh Everhart

Max & Hugh are very close as Hugh, for a long time, was the only person Max could be around (besides non-prodigies). Hugh is like a father to Max and they care for each other a lot. When Max is injured, Hugh is the only one who could visit him in hospital.

Simon Westwood

Even though he could never hold Max, the two are close. Max loves Simon even if he can't be around him without threatening Simon's ability. When Simon first tries the Vitality Charm, the two share a very close moment where they can hug each other for the first time.

Adrian Everhart

Max was the first person to figure out that Adrian was the Sentinel. The two are adoptive brothers and Adrian often uses his power to make things for Max as he helps him build his glass version of Gatlon. When Max is injured, Adrian immediately goes to seek revenge on Nightmare, who he believed tried to kill Max.