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Maggie is a girl who goes by the alias Magpie as she is a Renegade.

Recent Events


Maggie had a harsh life before joining the Renegades. She was shot at 11 months and her family was killed. The identity of her older sister is unknown but it is speculated that her older sister is Nova. Before Renegades Maggie was brought to Headquarters by Thunderbird, when Thunderbird was checking through the rubble of the house.


Maggie is first caught by Adrian Everhart after stealing Nova Artino's bracelet, which he makes her return.


She is called to clean up after the attack with Hawthorn.


In the epilogue of Supernova, it is revealed that Magpie got her powers after she was shot as a baby and her parents were killed. Her older sister is said to have survived the attack, though her location is never revealed. It is heavily implied that Nova is her older sister.


Physical Attributes

She is a pale and scrawny young girl. She has "a bob of shiny black hair." In the Renegade Parade, she wore a domino mask resembling that of the Dread Warden.


She is the complete opposite of Callum as she's always grumpy.

Abilities & Skills

  • Magnetic Ability: Maggie can attract metal items.

Weapons & Other Equipment



Other Equipment



Max Everhart

In the epilogue of Supernova, Maggie has a crush on Max. She seemed to admire him for rebuilding the city, despite him not having any superpowers.


  • There has been conclusive evidence that she is Nova's little sister, Evie Artino.