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It's horrible to go through all this plotting and have no one around to appreciate it.

Ingrid Thompson, known as the Detonator, was an Anarchist and an antagonist in Renegades.



Ingrid was a long-time ally of the Anarchists. When Nova was young, Ingrid taught her how to fight with her hands and whatever she could turn into a weapon.


Ingrid begins to doubt in Nova's loyalty to the Anarchists after she doesn't help Ingrid kill Adrian and his team at the library. When the Renegades raid the tunnels, Leroy Flinn kicks her out of the Anarchists for tricking Nova, almost getting her killed and nearly blowing her cover. She later appears to offer Nova a deal to fake their deaths which Nova accepts. When she and Nova (as Nightmare) are fighting, Ingrid betrays the plan and throws a bomb at Nova, presumably killing her. After Adrian apprehends her and the Council shows up, Ingrid begins to blow up Cosmopolis Park though Nova shoots her in the head, killing her.


Physical Attributes

Ingrid had dark brown skin and coiled black hair.

Her Detonator uniform consisted of tall boots, slim khaki pants and a blue cropped top. She wore metallic blue armbands that spiraled from her shoulders to her wrists.


Ingrid was an extremely ruthless person. She never gave anyone the pity they thought they deserved.  She was impulsive and unpredictable as you could never guess what was going on in her head. Though very dangerous, she was clever and intelligent. When coming up with a plan to pretend that Nova was dead so they would get off her case, she fought hard for everything she did. She was loyal to the Anarchists and when she saw Nova's loyalty, she had no doubt in mind that they should kick off Nova. If you weren't loyal to the Anarchists, she wouldn't be loyal to you as when Ingrid attempted to kill Nova, but Nova ended up killing her instead.  [1]

Description via Marissa Meyer[2]

"As Detonator, Ingrid can create bombs out of thin air and is an explosives expert. Impulsive, ruthless, and volatile, Ingrid is extremely dangerous. You’d better be on her good side if you want to stay in one piece. In Ingrid’s opinion, the Anarchists have been too patient for too long. It’s time to wreak some havoc, and if you disagree, stay out of the way."

Powers & Abilities

  • Explosives: Ingrid had the gift of creating bombs from gasses in the atmosphere.[1]




Other Equipment



Nova Artino

"I liked Nightmare. Always have. She was a lot like me in a lot of ways - always willing to do what had to be done. But I could see the writing on the wall. It was only a matter of time before she betrayed us, betrayed all of us." - Ingrid Thompson, about Nova

Ingrid cared for Nova, but her primary alliance was with the Anarchists. When she noticed Nova's loyalty began to falter, she thought it would be best to get rid of her. Nova reminded Ingrid of herself, but in the end, that similarity was not enough to keep the two loyal to each other.