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We became superheroes because we believed in our ability to change this world for the better, at any cost.

Genissa Clark, known as Frostbite, has the ability to control ice. She is a former Renegade.

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Physical Attributes

Genissa is a few years older than Nova. She is athletic and pretty with a silver-white bob and almost translucent, white skin.


The Council is playing with things they don’t understand, things they have no real control over, and worst of all, they are risking our lives and our abilities in order to do it!

Genissa, along with her team, abuse their powers to bully others like the Anarchists. She is shown to be stuck-up and thinks herself superior to other Renegades. Genissa dislikes Adrian and his team because they receive far more attention. She is hostile and often challenges Adrian as when he chooses Nova for his team. In Archenemies, she is shown to be cunning and meticulous as when she tortured Hawthorn by crushing her limbs - then planning on neutralizing her so as to get rid of evidence. She then ordered Gargoyle to kill Hawthorn and blamed it on the Sentinel. She is depicted as self-centered as she told Nova that she would not give her ability to Max, even though the ice was stanching the bleeding.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Ice Control: Genissa used to be able to generate and form ice into the shape of her choice as shown when she freezes Ingrid. Her ability was absorbed by Max.