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Gatlon City is the setting within the Renegades Series. The Renegades originated from Gatlon City before branching out to various cities across the country. Gatlon City contains the Renegades Headquarters.

Buildings & Landmarks

Renegades Headquarters

The Renegades Headquarters is the tallest building in Gatlon City, the main base for Renegades operations and the home of the Council. Max was quarantined here until a fight with Nightmare. Nova spends many sleepless nights here, and it's also where Agent N training takes place. The theft of the helmet was also in their underground storage units as well as the neutralizing of Frostbite's team.


The Cathedral was the home to the Anarchists during the Age of Anarchy. It is currently reduced to rubble as the Battle for Gatlon demolished it. Underneath the Cathedral, there are catacombs as Ace Anarchy hid there and formed a spot where the Anarchists could meet. It was where Danna found out Nova was Nightmare and where the Sentinel handed Ace over to the Renegades in Archenemies. In Supernova, once the bees had neutralized the Renegades, the Rejects & Anarchists converged - holding Oscar, Danna and Adrian captive. It was where the final battle took place and where Ace Anarchy & Honey Harper died, making way for the supernova, but ultimately causing mass destruction.

Cloven Cross Library

Gene Cronin, also known as the "The Librarian" resided and dealt arms here. His daughter, Narcissa, the mirror walker, lived there alongside him. It was also where Nova's first mission took place as she got to really talk with Adrian for the first time. Eventually, Ingrid screwed up her plan, not letting the Librarian know in time that his stash was going to be searched. Gene Cronin died and Narcissa escaped, not before most of the library went down in ruins. Ruby, Oscar, Adrian and Nova were all present, helping the people get to safety.

Cosmopolis Park

Cosmopolis Park is a amusement park that was renovated after the Age of Anarchy. It used to be a place for buying and selling drugs before the Renegades took over. Winston Pratt used to partake in selling drugs there and Sketch's team thought that was where Nova used to work before becoming a Renegade. Adrian and Nova's first date also took place here, where Ingrid Thompson was shot. She and Nightmare had a plot to fake each other's deaths, but it went haywire when Ingrid betrayed Nova for the second time. She detonated bombs there before Nova shot her, leaving destruction to the park.

Merchant Tower

Merchant Tower is one of the taller skyscrapers in Gatlon City. It has a glass spire as Adrian mentions when he tells Nova that she can get her name printed down the side of it in a snow globe while they're in the gift shop at the gala.

Stocktown Bridge

Stocktown Bridge is a suspension bridge. Nova and the Sentinel have a little spat here before he jumps on a barge to pursue Hawthorne, which is eventually where he sinks in the river and gives cause to believe that he had died.

Sentry Bridge

Sentry Bridge is a suspension bridge.

Woodrow Hotel

Woodrow Hotel is centuries old as it was constructed before the Age of Anarchy.

City Park

City Park is a park in Gatlon City. It has lush green fields and forests, filled with queen cypress trees. It's where Nova's dream of destruction takes place and it's where her famed statue is located. Adrian recreates this in a dream, giving birth to the supernova. The side-kick competitions were also held there, where Ruby's brothers competed.