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I worry that calling them butterflies all the time undermines how remarkable of an ability it really is. Like saying, hey, I can turn into rainbows and daisies!

Danna Bell[1] is a Renegade and prodigy who can turn into a swarm of butterflies.

Recent Events


Danna is a prodigy that was born with her power. She recalls sneaking into movie theaters as a child (while in swarm-mode) and watching movies for hours at a time.


Danna appears when she battles Nightmare, along with Smokescreen & Red Assassin, at the parade. She is burned by the Sentinel and therefore has to recover as she lost almost 20 butterflies.


Ever since she was put to sleep by Nova, Danna has grown suspicious of her. She uses her ability to spy on Nova and discovers what her true motives are. Nova, upon spotting Monarch's butterfly, warns the other Anarchists to trap it. When Ace seals the butterfly away, Danna is unable to reform, as her swarm cannot reform if separate.




Physical Attributes

Danna has long, blonde dreadlocks and burn scars along her side from the Sentinel.



Description via Marissa Meyer

"As Monarch, Danna can transform into a swarm of butterflies at will to easily evade attack. She also uses her power to infiltrate hard-to-reach places, to eavesdrop on important conversations, and to gather hyper-awareness of her surroundings. Don’t be fooled by her dainty butterflies, though—Danna is tough as nails."[2]

Abilities & Skills

  • Metamorphosis: Danna can transform herself into a swarm of butterflies.[1] According to Nova, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of butterflies in her swarm. If butterflies in her swarm are killed, Danna's human form will also be injured to a varying degree. If the butterflies are separated, they are unable to reform; therefore, capturing a butterfly will render her helpless in her swarm.

Weapons & Other Equipment


It's unknown as to whether or not whether Danna can transform with a weapon in her hand and retain it when she reforms, as per a discussion between Nova and Adrian during the side-kick competitions.

Other Equipment



  • As a child, Danna used her ability to sneak into movie theaters without purchasing a movie ticket. She asks Nova not to tell any other Renegades, fearing it to be against the code.
  • Danna has an irrational fear of birds, as birds are the main predator of butterflies. This is shown in Archenemies when Phobia turned into a swarm of birds.
    • However, she is named after the Monarch butterfly, which is poisonous for birds to eat.
  • There is a special elixir that can be used to keep Danna in her human form while she is sleeping. This is shown in Renegades when Danna is in the med-wing getting treated for burns.[3]
  • Narcissa Cronin, the mirror walker, and Danna are canonically a couple as seen in the epilogue of Supernova when they're standing on the float together. This makes Narcissa & Danna the second confirmed LGBT+ couple in the trilogy.