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Bookcrazygirl Bookcrazygirl 8 March 2021

Read the Renegade trilogy

Hi, its me, bookcrazygirl. I looooooove reading. Do you if yes please let me know. I absolutely love the renegades trilogy, if you have the chance, check the books out. i don't want to spoil it to those who haven't read it but I'll tell you this, it is a 12+ series about romance and action. there is a kissing scene in the 2nd book, archenemies. for those of you who want to read it there are three books, renegades is the first, archenemies is the second and supernova is the third. here is the links if you don't want to buy the books. you can read them for free with these:





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Iamecstatic Iamecstatic 4 August 2019

My Opinions On How We Can Improve This Wiki

This wiki is about a trilogy written by Marissa Meyer. I think we can all agree that her books are nothing short of amazing. I also think that we agree that:

1. The people on this wiki are amazing

and 2. This wiki is dying and there isn't enough effort going into it to save it.

But number 2 can change with the help of everyone.

1. There isn't enough content on each page including main character pages.

2. Inconsistency! Some pages are going by people's aliases (mainly due to the fact that we don't know their names like Prism), like Nova's, and others go by their names.

3. Not enough wiki members

and also probably more stuff which I will add later but I want to outline potential solutions,

These correspond to the problem numbers above.

1. Everyone ca…

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CCow the Hydrokinetic CCow the Hydrokinetic 18 July 2019

Possible Adoption

Greetings fellow Renegades fans,

Recently, I have taken interest in the Renegades series and this wiki. However, currently the only bureaucrat/admin and founder of this wiki (Seabreeze123) has been inactive since mid February, around 5 months ago. There has been a lot of new information since the Book Two release in November and a lot more we could add to this wiki to help it grow. Book Three, Supernova, is being released November this year and if we could increase activity, that would be great for the launch. There also needs to be an active admin for cosmetics around top-bar navigation, eradicating vandalism, and design of protected pages (like the front page). I am going to try contact the founder in request for rights, however, I have n…

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