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This article contains details from the recent Renegades books.

Agent N or Agent Neutralize is a serum created by the Renegades that permanently neutralizes a prodigy. Agent N was created by studying Max Everhart's DNA from blood transfusions. It must enter a prodigy's bloodstream where it then spreads to the brain, the neutralization occuring almost immediately. When injected, it tends to reach the brain in less than a minute for most prodigies, however, it primarily depends on heart rate. Injection through a vein or artery is the correct way to administer it quickly though it can also be taken orally which is then absorbed through stomach lining.


Physical Attributes

Agent N is a green liquid honey-like serum which can be injected into a prodigies bloodstream, effectively neutralizing their ability and rendering it useless. Nova created a gaseous form of Agent N which she stored in Fatalia's mist-missiles.