But you can't call me Alec anymore, not out there. All right, little nightmare? To the rest of the world, I'm Ace. You understand? Uncle Ace.

Ace Anarchy, born Alec Artino,[1] is the creator of the Anarchists and the ruler of Gatlon City during the Age of Anarchy. Throughout most of Renegades, Ace is thought to be dead, although more details of his supposed death are revealed throughout the novel.

Early Life

While Ace was a young boy, his brother, David, made for him his Enhancement Helmet with which he practised his telekinesis ability. Later in life, Ace saw the oppression being shown to prodigies and gathered the most powerful prodigies he could find into the Anarchists, with whose help he overthrew the normal governments and founded the Age of Anarchy.


In the prologue to Renegades, Ace found Nova in her parents' apartment with her family dead. He then killed the hitman who had shot his brother, niece, and sister-in-law with his own gun.

As is revealed by the Dread Warden, on the Day of Triumph, Ace stood atop the cathedral, attacking Renegades from above. He remained uninjured until Captain Chromium confronted Ace with Max strapped to his back. After taking enough of Ace's power, Captain Chromium was able to take Ace's helmet from him. Ace then jumped from the top of the cathedral into the fire below.

Somehow, Ace Anarchy survived the fall from the top of the cathedral and meets Nova again at the end of Renegades with his power apparently intact.


Ace is mentioned and interacted with several times in the second book, he is the one who advises Nova on what she needs to get done and how it has been done, throughout the book he showed great trust and faith in her. However, at the end of archenemies, he was captured by the Sentinel, Red-Assassin and Smokescreen after draining himself in a battle with them.



Ace truly believes he is doing the right thing and refuses to call himself a villain. He is seen to be very determined, manipulative, cunning, resourceful and powerful, he also holds grudges for very long times.

Abilities and Weapons

  • Telekinesis: Ace possessed the ability of telekinesis, and is described by Nova as one of the most powerful telekinetic prodigies of all time. However, most of his power was stolen by Max.
  • Enhancement Helmet: His brother invented a helmet for him which made his power nearly unstoppable. After Ace's "death", the helmet was taken by the Council, who were incapable of destroying it.[1] After Nova breaks into the Renegade Headquarters, she steals the helmet back for Ace.


Nova Artino

Ace cares and believes in Nova, as she is the last known surviving member of his family. After her family was killed by a man who worked for the Roaches, Ace is the one who finds her and kills the man who shot her family. He also has an affectionate nickname for her; ‘nightmare’.


  • To Nova, Ace always appears wearing his helmet except for one time when she saw him meditating above the ground with candles being suspended in midair around him.


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